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Stephen King Says Michael Bay's Transformers Is the 'Only' Movie He's Ever Walked Out of as Adult
Michael Bay, who made five Transformers movies, said earlier this year that he "should have stopped" making the films but "they were fun to do"
Former RNC Spokesman Tim Miller Recounts 'the Republican Road to Hell' in New Book: 'I Was a Dark Artist'
Tim Miller, a former Republican "hitman," tells PEOPLE about the shift in the party and why his former friends and colleagues stayed on the MAGA train
Andy Gibb Biography Captures His Struggle with Fame, Cocaine Addiction and Death at 30
"Andy's downfall was as spectacular as his rise to the top," says author Matthew Hild, who interviewed friends and musicians who knew Andy from his earliest days
Dakota Johnson Says 50 Shades Movies Became 'Crazy' Due to Author's Demands: 'It Was Always a Battle'
"I haven't been able to talk about this truthfully ever," Dakota Johnson said while reflecting on her "weird" experience making the Fifty Shades of Grey movies
The Best Jane Austen Adaptations to Watch While You Wait for the New Persuasion Movie
From 'Clueless' to 'Fire Island,' we love these Jane Austen screen adaptations ... most ardently 
Walker Hayes Teams with the Man Behind the Song to Write an Inspiring Book: 'I Don't Like to Dream Alone'
With "Glad You're Here," the "Fancy Like" singer and friend Craig Allen Cooper describe the faith-filled friendship that inspired the song "Craig"

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How Princess Diana's Crush on George Michael Affected Their Friendship
In an exclusive excerpt from James Gavin's new book, George Michael: A Life, PEOPLE gets a glimpse at the unique relationship between two global icons and why he kept her at a "careful distance"
Author Jason June Is Giving Back with New Novel After Feeling 'Disheartened' by LGBTQ+ Book Bans
"I have a job to do," the Out of the Blue author, who is organizing a book drive to give back during Pride month, tells PEOPLE