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A teachers union places wokeness above its devotion to seniority — at the expense of whites (and kids, of course)

This is supposed “to remedy the continuing effects of past discrimination” and boost teaching staff diversity. Even if it means blatant racial discrimination.

Here are just some questions the 'basement president' is dodging

President Biden signed his latest spending boondoggle Tuesday and again failed to take any questions from the press.

CBS's Norah O'Donnell just made our point about Trump-deranged media's use of unnamed sources to smear ex-prez

This follows breathless Washington Post and New York Times pieces similarly promoting the anti-Trump claims of anonymous government sources.

Garland bungled Trump raid fallout, why is Biden still seeking Iran deal? and other commentary

Commentary on the White House still insisting that President Biden didn't know about AG Garland's bungled raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, why is Joe still seeking an Iran deal and...

Bronx murder numbers show criminal justice 'reforms' harm the most vulnerable — again

New NYPD data shows that the Bronx notched up 32% of all murders this year through Aug. 7 despite having 18% of overall city population.

David Banks' huge homework fail on city's high-school admissions disaster

Parents across New York City are furious at the results of this year’s high-school-admissions lottery, which saw many teens denied all 12 of their top choices.

Trump-deranged media races again to tarnish ex-prez via unnamed sources

The Washington Post and New York Times anonymously sourced stories suggesting “grave” Trump misdeeds. Have they learned nothing about crying wolf?

Rushdie is a free speech hero, UK wakes up on teen transitions and other commentary

Salman Rushdie “has long defended freedom of artistic expression against all comers; now . . . he is a martyr to it,” thunders Margaret Atwood at The Guardian.

NYC's overblown migrant crisis, Iran's threat and other commentary

“The problem is not that New York and D.C. are ‘overwhelmed’ with illegals. The problem is that they want it to appear they are overwhelmed in order to get the...

The CDC FINALLY catches up (sort of) to reality

After years of absurd COVID theater, the Centers for Disease Control has at long last eased its guidelines on quarantine, social distancing and testing.