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Ex-Time reporter: The day I knew journalism had died in America

Like many other countries in Europe and elsewhere, we now have a politicized media in the United States.

Team Biden seeks to stop yet another pipeline even as gas prices rise

The Biden administration revealed that it plans to end US involvement with a natural-gas pipeline that would reduce Europe’s dependence on Russia.

Biden is eroding Trump’s Middle East peace pact — and endangering the US

This administration foolishly prefers Sunni Muslim jihadis and Iranian mullahs building nuclear weapons over traditional allies of the United States who oppose a nuclear-armed Iran.

President Biden will own the fall of Kabul — when the real killing begins

For decades, Joe Biden has touted himself as a foreign policy genius. As a United States senator, he never had to make a decision or bear responsibility for running off...

Why won’t the US government admit Iran funded the Benghazi attacks?

US intelligence agencies are sitting on a treasure trove of documents that detail Iran’s direct, material involvement in the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that cost the lives...

Inside the twisted, horrible reign of Iran's 'wizard' of terror

The killing of Iranian terror-meister Qassem Soleimani in a targeted US air strike in Baghdad on Thursday will have a dramatic impact on the stability of the Iranian regime and...

Iran is persecuting a brave 9/11 witness with the help of a key US ally

Iranian defector Ali Reza Soleimane-pak warned the US in July 2001 of impending terror attacks, but now he is locked in a Georgian prison after being framed.

Trump didn't sell out the Kurds by pulling out of Syria

The national media blasted President Trump’s withdrawal of 50 US military advisors from the Syrian border with Turkey as a “sellout,” a “betrayal” and a “huge strategic blunder.” Let’s be...

Why isn't the media covering Turkish President Erdogan's ties to ISIS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pitched his tent at New York’s glitzy Peninsula Hotel this week, where he will be dining (but not wining) American Muslim leaders on the...

Why US forces must step in to save Iraqi Christians from extinction

When ISIS fighters burst into Father Afran Sony’s monastery in northern Iraq in June 2014 wielding machine guns and knives, he and his brothers rushed to protect their most precious...