The 15 best pairs of period underwear to wear during your time of the month

Listen, we’re really keen on giving you all the shopping recommendations here at New York Post Shopping. One of the most practical: period underwear.

Whether you opt for wing-style pads, tampons or panty liners, you need a few quality pairs of underwear you can rely on during your time of the month. Simply put, you just can’t trust thin, day-to-day panties when you’re on your on your period — especially not thongs.

Period underwear, unlike regular underwear, has an extra layer of protection and is typically thicker and more brief-like than your average pair. Though these won’t replace your pad and tampon, they’ll provide more support during your regular to heavier flows. But, not all are made equal; some of our favorites on this list are paper-thin, lightweight and still get the job done (preventing leaks, that is!)

Not to mention, some of those accidents and embedded stains and ruins lead to more undergarments in landfills and less in our drawers. Period underwear is sustainable and helps you prevent leakage — that’s just another reason why we love it.

If we’re being honest, we don’t need another reason to complain about our menstrual cycles —and that’s why period underwear comes in handy. These feel-good pairs have built-in protection, are in darker tones (to make you feel less nervous about any accidents) and apt for daytime or overnight alike.

Browse through the 15 best period underwear styles we rounded up and let’s make a vow to keep more of our panties in our drawer and out of the trash — for good.

1. Amazon Essentials Cotton Bikini Brief Underwear (6-Pack), $14, original price: $16


With a whopping 112K+ reviews on Amazon, it’s no surprise Amazon Essentials’ Cotton Bikini Brief Underwear is the six-pack high up on our list. You can select from an array of color options, though we think a mix of black, nude, gray and white is just perfect.

2. Victoria’s Secret Seamless Brief Panty, $11 or 5/$32

Victoria's Secret

There’s a reason Victoria’s Secret is a key player in the underwear department — its bundle deals are too good to not grab a few at a time. Now, you can snag five Seamless Brief Panty styles for just $32, or pick up one for $11. Plus, the color selection and comfort is virtually unmatched.

3. SKIMS Jelly Sheer Boy Short, $22


You 100% need to pick up SKIMS’ Jelly Sheer Boy Short. They’re the most seamless pair on this list, extremely lightweight (even with a pad!) and allow you to wear your favorite midi dresses and bodysuits without an issue. For $22, we’re already thinking about picking up more.

4. Knix Leakproof High-Rise, $28


If thick period panties are what you’re after, Knix’s Leafproof High-Rise pair is your best bet. For one, the color selection is perfect for your time of the month. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention its high-rise nature for helping to deflate that bloat (we’ve all been there).

5. AerieREAL Period Underwear, $10, original price: $20


Specially designed with a thicker fabric yet breathable makeup, AerieREAL’s Period Underwear is a great undergarment to pick up now for just $10. Its cotton, highly absorbent fabric is just what we’re all looking for, too.

6. Victoria’s Secret Smooth Period Panties (6-Pack), $99

Victoria's Secret

Though $99 is up there in price, this six-pack of Smooth Period Panties from Victoria’s Secret is virtually the only bundle you’ll ever need. Clad with front miniature bows the brand is known for, along with a mix of brief-style and regular comfortable panties, it’s a good value that’ll last for a while.

7. Thinx High-Waisted Menstrual Underwear, $35


We love how Thinx’s High-Waisted Menstrual Underwear is structured, from its full-coverage fit to its breathable mesh components. It’s also odor-neutralizing too and easy to clean and care for. With a leakproof-resistant barrier, you won’t have to worry all day long, either.

8. Hanes Comfort, Period Boyshort (3-Pack), $20


Simple and worth the $20 grab, Hanes’ Comfort, Period Boyshort is the three-pack that’s perfect to sleep in and pair with your favorite sweatpants on lazy days. What’s great about these bottoms, specifically, is their built-in liner for extra protection.

9. Saalt Leakproof Period Underwear, $34


Want leakproof but without a heavier feel? Saalt’s Leakproof Period Underwear is the best $34 investment you’ll make, then, as the seamless, practical fit is sure to make your time of the month as seamless as can be. If regular absorbency is what you’re after, this is a solid grab.

10. Honeylove Silhouette Brief, $29


We reviewed Honeylove’s styles and still revert to its Silhouette Brief. The generous high-waisted detail is like no other, and it pairs well with the brand’s Silhouette Bra ($64) to match.

11. Bambody Absorbent Hipster Sporty Period Panties (3-Pack), $25


Listen up, ladies — if you’re looking for that thick, basketball shorts-type band, Bambody makes it. The brand’s Absorbent Hipster Sporty Period Panties are, as its name suggests, sporty and ready for any activity. We support this $25 three-pack fully.

12. TomboyX Period Leakproof Hipster (3-Pack), $65, original price: $96


Similarly, TomboyX has a great Period Leakproof Hipster style that includes built-in protection and waistband-to-crotch coverage. Its nontoxic fabric is a plus, too, if sustainability is a top-button priority.

13. Proof Leakproof Lace Cheeky, $37


Yes, period underwear can still be cute. Proof’s Leakproof Lace Cheeky still provides adequate coverage while accented with feminine detailing, much like your favorite thongs and cheekier pairs. While you’re at it, you’ll want to pick up multiple pairs.

14. OlikeMe Mid-Waist Menstrual Underwear (5-Pack), $26


More like your workout booty shorts, OlikeMe’s Mid-Waist Menstrual Underwear is the ideal five-pack to pick up. They’re practical to wear when sleeping for extra overnight protection and just as great for weekly, on-period workouts.

15. Laleste Spandex Boyshorts (5-Pack), $22


Speaking of period underwear that’s amazing for bedtime, Laleste’s Spandex Boyshorts have a comfortable to-the-body fit that will have you rocking and rolling all night (and day!) long. Not to mention, the vibrant, polka-dotted styles will make your cycle a tad more enjoyable when worn.

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