Fans think Martha Stewart is missing pants on Instagram: ‘Let it hang out!’

No pants, no problem.

Martha Stewart showed off a casual look in an Instagram photo with a friend yesterday — and her outfit sparked a hilarious reaction in the comments section, with fans mistakenly thinking she wasn’t wearing any pants.

Posing with PR guru Susan Magrino in the photo, Stewart joked she “cannot believe that @susanmagrino and i are dressed for the same party here in @acadia.”

While her pal wore a colorful summer maxi dress, the cookbook author rocked a casual ensemble that looked more appropriate for autumn, including a baggy tee, metallic sweater and a pair of cropped, pale bronze leggings that left fans wondering if she forgot her pants.

Stewart posed for a photo on her 81st birthday, writing “birthday selfie @prior to big bday dinner -we had a delicious lunch and just a bit too much @19crimes martha’s chard.”

“Lol, I thought you weren’t wearing pants!” one fan said, with another replying, “Me too for a nanosecond! Wowie!”

“Lord Martha at first glance I thought you didn’t have any pants on,” read another comment, adding, “Lol I was like ok girl party on! Let it all hang out!”

Stewart did indeed “party on” at Acadia National Park in Maine, writing in her caption that she attended an event “celebrating the Coalition to Protect Americas National Parks.”

The entrepreneur celebrated her 81st birthday this week.
AFP via Getty Images

Her national park soiree followed Stewart’s 81st birthday celebrations on Wednesday, during which the businesswoman posted another one of her iconic sultry selfies to mark the occasion.

Her Instagram selfies have become so popular with fans that clothing brand Anti Social Social Club launched a collection of T-shirts and hoodies with two of her images on them, which quickly sold out last weekend.

Perhaps her new “pantsless” photo can be the next viral sensation on a shirt.