The Brooklyn Nets are crumbling because of Kevin Durant trade rumors and everybody had Ben Simmons jokes

Even when it’s not about Ben Simmons these days, it’s all about Ben Simmons. The people just can’t help it.

It’s beginning to look like there’s a real chance that things are done with the Brooklyn Nets. The team might be done with Kyrie Irving. And if the team is done with Irving, then Kevin Durant might be done with them.

The dynasty they’d planned on building all those years ago would be gone. And all they’d have to show for it is…Ben Simmons? That’s right. Ben Simmons.

The same Ben Simmons who forced his way out of the most chaotic scene (mostly of his own doing) in Philadelphia for what has now turned out to somehow be less stable of a scene in Brooklyn.

It’s really wild. He might be the only All-Star caliber player they have left. And, after everything that happened with Simmons this season? Fans thought that was hilarious.

They had so many jokes.

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How quickly things turn.

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