A brutal ESPN graphic reminded Kings fans about their recent terrible NBA draft history

It’s been a long time since the Kings were an NBA team worth writing home about. Since 2006, Sacramento has enjoyed 16 straight losing seasons (!). If that just sounds like a remarkable streak of consistent poor fortune, it’s not. The Kings are a seemingly permanent cellar-dweller because they almost always make the wrong decision.

Nowhere is Sacramento’s decision-making arguably worse than in the draft. That’s a fact that ESPN thought to broadcast wide and far in preview coverage of Thursday’s NBA Draft. How, you might ask? By highlighting the All-Star level players the Kings passed over in the last approximate decade.

It’s as brutal as it sounds:

Oh. My. Goodness. Read from the bottom and it gets progressively worse. Read from the top and you’re left wondering what the Luka Doncic-Damian Lillard-Klay Thompson Kings could’ve accomplished. Oh well!

For what’s it worth, our Bryan Kalbrosky has Keegan Murray going to Sacramento at No. 4 overall in his final mock draft. Here’s a hearty congratulations to the absolute lock of a superstar the Pistons are probably about to draft right after them at No. 5 overall.

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