What I Rent is back after a brief break (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)

Oh, hey there.

Fans of What I Rent might have noticed there hasn’t been an edition for a while – we had a short summer break and are now back with a bang. We hope you didn’t miss us too much.

For those not in the know, What I Rent is our weekly renting series.

Every Tuesday, we take you around someone’s rented home, and see how they’ve made it their own.

Last time, we were in Branston, Lincolnshire, with Rebecca, who pays £795 a month for a three-bed bungalow she’s turned into a gloriously eclectic ode to black paint.

This week, we’re up in Leith, in Edinburgh, Scotland, with Tide (Tea) Adesanya, a 25-year-old artist, content creator, and lead creative at Communia.

Six months ago she moved to Edinburgh on a whim and started renting this place. We chatted with her about her experience so far.

Hi Tide! How much do you pay to live here?

I pay £750 a month without bills. With bills it goes up to roughly to £1,000.

And what do you get for what you pay?

It’s a one-bed apartment. That includes a open plan living room and kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom.

Meet Tide (also known as Tea), an artist and content creator renting a one-bedroom flat in Leith (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)

Do you feel like you have a good deal?

Coming from paying £1,000 for a studio in London, yes, absolutely.

Whereabouts is your home based? What do you think of the area?

My home is based in Leith, I think Leith is a great area!

I’m yet to fully explore it, mainly because it’s got such a large array of food places, shops and hidden gems.

I recently stumbled upon the shore, which is such a beautiful spot to have a drink in the sun (the rare moments it’s sunny).

Tide moved to Edinburgh from London six months ago (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
Rent is £750 a month (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)

How did you find this flat?

Found it on Spareroom late at night! I felt so enamoured with those exposed bricks that I bought the early bird pass to reach out for a viewing.

How have you made the flat feel like home?

I splash a lot of colour! Yellow, pinks, patterns… you name it.

Then I pray it all comes together as cute and eclectic and not messy and weird!

I also plan on making it feel homely by making or buying more prints and art.

Tide feels she has a great deal – especially after paying £1,000 a month for a studio flat in London (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)

Have you found it difficult to decorate when renting? Is your landlord happy with you doing bits?

My landlord is super accommodating and supportive of me making this place a home – so no problems there. I’ve asked if I can drill holes to put decor up and he’s all for it… as long as it’s done respectfully, of course!

Do you feel like you have enough space?

More than enough space. Like I said, coming from London where I paid bank for a compact studio, I feel almost overwhelmed (in a good way) with having more than one room.

I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be cooped up in my bedroom and that I actually have a whole other room I can live in. Crazy, huh?

Tide’s interiors style? Lots of colour (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)

Are there any problems with the home you have to deal with?

I had a little bit of drainage issue a few months in, but my landlord was great and got in a plumber asap and got it fixed.

Do you have plans to move again any time soon?

I will probably move in the future, but I don’t know what the future holds.

Do you want to own a place some day or are you happy to rent?

I’d definitely love to buy a place eventually!

Shall we take a look around?

‘I pray it all comes together as cute and eclectic and not messy and weird,’ says Tide (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
You’ll spot lots of artwork around the flat (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
Cosy! (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS)
There’s an open plan living room and kitchen (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
Tide was a big fan of the exposed brick when she first saw the flat (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
A v cute bookend (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS)
We like all the pops of yellow (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
The kitchen – even the fruit is colour-coordinated (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
Good vibes only (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
A beautifully painted hallway (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
With more fresh flowers (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
Tide says she often has to remind herself that she has a living room, not just a bedroom (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
But the bedroom is nice, to be fair (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
A neat clothing rail (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
Another fireplace (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
Yes, those are Crocs you spy (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
Finally, the bathroom (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
Big fans of the faux greenery (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
And all the bathroom artwork (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
A great host has brainteasers in their bathroom (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)
And here’s the obligatory toothbrush shot, this time with a very cute holder (Picture: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS/Metro.co.uk)

What I Rent is a weekly series that’s out every Tuesday at 10am.

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