Woody Harrelson pens poem to baby lookalike... and makes a cheeky wish

Hollywood star pays tribute to one mother’s social media post claiming her girl looks like him – even wishing that he had her hair

Woody Harrelson said that he was ‘flattered’ by comparison to the baby girl Credit: AP Photo/Peter Kramer

Woody Harrelson has penned a poem for his baby doppelganger after her mother made the child’s looks famous.

Dani Grier Mulvenna, from Northern Ireland, shared a photo of her young daughter Cora on Twitter, remarking on how much her nine-month-old looked like the Hollywood star.

The True Detective actor responded to the viral social media post, writing a paean to his infant lookalike and declaring that he was “flattered” by comparison to the baby girl.

The 61-year-old balding actor wrote on Instagram: 

Credit: Instagram/Woody Harrelson

Ms Mulvenna had originally posted a picture of her young girl grinning, alongside a still of Harrelson from the 2009 film Zombieland.

The original social media post was shared by 30,000 people on Twitter, as people agreed that young Cora did share a striking similarity with the actor.

The photo appears to have been shown to Harrelson, who responded with verse.

Ms Mulvenna has since responded in an online statement saying: “It’s not every day Woody Harrelson writes your daughter a poem.”

Harrelson first found fame in the Eighties comedy Cheers, before moving into film, including with a leading role in White Men Can’t Jump, the 1992 basketball comedy.

The actor is also known for his activism, particularly with regard to the legalisation of marijuana and animal rights.