If you've been playing through Sonic Origins recently, then you've probably heard the jumping sound effect enough for a lifetime. No, not because the game is a platformer, but because Tails has a very annoying habit of disappearing off screen and mashing jump as he tries in vain to return to his hedgehog friend. Thankfully, that should now be a thing of the past.

The latest patch for Sonic Origins, version 1.4, finally addresses Tails' dodgy AI. It also ammends a few factual errors made in the game's museum mode, with several songs listed incorrectly. On top of this, we have a whole host of hotfixes, looking to make the collection a much smoother experience to play through.


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The biggest fixes here are the changes to Tails' AI. In the original Sonic 2, if Tails is off screen for too long he'll simply spawn to wherever Sonic is. This is pretty important, considering Sonic is pretty fast, and is likely to storm ahead of Tails. However, this just wasn't working in Sonic Origins, and the fox was instead getting stuck and repeatedly jumping on the spot. Yet according to the patch notes, this should now be fixed.

There are far too many other bug fixes and performance improvements to go over here, but most of them pertain to addressing softlocks, sound effect glitches, and issues that caused players to lose lives for no reason. There are 47 fixes in total according to the patch notes, so it's likely that a problem you've been experiencing has been addressed.

The patch even makes a go of fixing the PC issues, with developers addressing a bug that caused the game to use lower-performance GPUs. However, complaints are still coming in.

Sonic Origins is out now, and is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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