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MultiVersus is the exciting, free-to-play platform fighter from WB Games. It features an ever-growing, off-beat roster of characters drawn from a number of WB properties. While some scoffed when they heard that WB Games was going to be releasing a competitor to Smash Bros. using their properties, the end result is, frankly, pretty excellent.

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The world of MultiVersus is filled with characters, which all play pretty distinctly. While it is a super fun game to just jump into, it can be easy to feel a touch overwhelmed. Thankfully, we have written a number of guides that range from elaborating on how to play the cast of characters, to explaining the ancillary elements, like the battle pass.

Current Active Seasonal Events

Mini Battle PassEnding TBA

Character Guides

TazShaggyHarley QuinnWonder WomanTom And JerryVelma
JakeGarnetFinnSupermanBugs BunnySteven Universe
BatmanLebron JamesAryaIron GiantRickReindog

More guides coming soon!