If you're having trouble trying to log in to Final Fantasy 14 through Steam right now, you're not the only one. Several Steam users are reporting having trouble logging in, with many pointing towards the platform's Summer Sale which pretty much just kicked off.

First shared on the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit by Redditor Blood_Tear, there are several accounts of people struggling to log in to the game using the Steam client. While it's not confirmed what the issue actually is, it's very likely to be the fault of the Steam Summer Sale, as lots of people are bombarding the platform looking for some sweet deals, tanking the severs as a result.


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If you really need to access Final Fantasy 14 in the next hour or so, those who log in via the Final Fantasy 14 launcher appear to be having better luck at accessing the game. If you're a more patient sort, the issue will probably clear up in an hour or so after the initial wave of people looking for their next bargain starts to diminish.

In other Final Fantasy 14-related news, the game's housing market has been given a bit of a shake-up, as Square Enix has increased the number of private housing plots and reduced the number of housing plots taken up by Free Companies. Now Free Company Housing for wards 1 to 18 will be changed to 1 to 9, while Private Housing will be changed from wards 19 to 24 to wards 10 to 24.

Before you run off to grab your Gil, these changes won't come into effect until July 10 at 16:00 BST and July 11 at 1:00 AEST. Square Enix also stresses that any previously purchased plots will not be affected by these changes either. For now, you'll just have to put up with Free Companies hogging all the housing plots for just a couple more weeks.

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