Sixth-form students use art to explore the future of the planet

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More than 180 sixth-form students from 64 colleges in England reflect on sustainability and the challenges facing the environment, in online exhibition Planet Future.

Image source, Trinity Fairman
Image caption,
Finding a balance, by Trinity Fairman, from Windsor College, Berkshire

"The sustainability agenda has never been more important and the exhibition highlights students' hopes and fears about the future, while also showcasing their enormous creativity and innovation," said the UK government's former minister for skills, Alex Burghart, who launched the exhibition.

Bill Watkin, chief executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA), which coordinated the exhibition, said: "These works indicate how young people are feeling about our climate and the environment.

"It is imperative that we keep the arts in education secure and flourishing.

"If young people are to make a truly valuable contribution to society, even if they are to be successful scientists, engineers, doctors and technicians, they need to develop their creative skills, their artistic sensitivities and their ability to interact with others."

Here is a selection of work from the exhibition.

Image source, Dulcie Donaldson
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Botanical, by Dulcie Donaldson, from Cirencester College, Gloucestershire
Image source, Eleigh-Mae Wood
Image caption,
Broken, by Eleigh-Mae Wood, from St John Rigby College, Wigan
Image source, Sean Stobart
Image caption,
Changing Landscape, by Sean Stobart, from Durham Sixth Form Centre
Image source, Bethany Lipscombe
Image caption,
Decaying Future, by Bethany Lipscombe, from Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge
Image source, Sai Earl-Beckley
Image caption,
Doomsday, by Sai Earl-Beckley, from Durham Sixth Form Centre
Image source, Nathan Dixon
Image caption,
Freeze, by Nathan Dixon, from Runshaw College, Leyland, Lancashire
Image source, Bianca Osei-Owusu
Image caption,
In Our Hands?, by Bianca Osei-Owusu, from Christ the King Sixth Forms, south London
Image source, Ellie Johnston
Image caption,
Last Plant Standing, by Ellie Johnston, from Wilberforce Sixth Form College, Hull
Image source, Aliesha Bayliss
Image caption,
Marine Plastic Pollution, by Aliesha Bayliss, from King Edward VI College, Stourbridge, Dudley
Image source, Peter Symonds
Image caption,
Nature and Mankind, by Serge Wynne, from Peter Symonds College, Winchester, Hampshire
Image source, Anna Kinstler
Image caption,
Plastic Growth, by Anna Kinstler, from Greenhead College, Huddersfield
Image source, Deividas Bukauskas
Image caption,
Plastic in the Oceans, by Deividas Bukauskas, from Havering Sixth Form College, Hornchurch
Image source, Ellie Harling
Image caption,
Rising Sea, by Ellie Harling, from Worcester Sixth Form College
Image source, Salem Ahmed
Image caption,
Save Ocean, by Salem Ahmed, from Bolton Sixth Form College
Image source, Sophie Ferguson
Image caption,
Submerge, by Sophie Ferguson, from St Vincent College, Hampshire
Image source, Frankie Sharp
Image caption,
When Will the Fires Stop?, by Frankie Sharp, from the College of Richard Collyer, West Sussex
Image source, Victoria Ward
Image caption,
World in our Hands, by Victoria Ward, from the College of Richard Collyer, West Sussex
Image source, Flossie Hills
Image caption,
Yell-o, by Flossie Hills, from Esher Sixth Form College, Surrey

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